3 Jul 2015

Guelph // Canada Day in Elora

Happy Friday you guys! We made it through another week, I think we all deserve giant ice cream cones and pitchers of beer. You take care of that last part. three more weeks to go in this placement and then some v exciting things are happening in August. More on that later. 
Let me tell you about my Canada Day aka that one time I had a Wednesday off from clinic and the midwifery goddesses smiled down on me and nobody had a baby so I got to sleep in and drink coffee. It was glorious. 
I finished reading this novel and I agree completely with this review although would recommend if you want a quick read. 
I completely avoided homework, which is biting me in the ass today but it was important for my own sanity at the time, so no regrets!
Tiffany and I spent the whole morning and afternoon lounging and playing with the cat which was awesome but by the time 5pm rolled around we needed to do something. I walked into Tiffany's room announcing the need to leave the house and to just get in the car, which bless her heart, she did. We drove to Elora, which is about 20 minutes away from Guelph and perfectly picturesque and beautiful.

The weather was a bit touch and go so we walked around a bit and then got a bite to eat the the Sheperd's Pub, a spot in the basement of a building where we scored a table right on the river. There is something very satisfying about having a giant burger in a pub. Oh, also, there was the most delicious poutine ever. Like, with real gravy. We have plans to go back to Elora for that poutine alone.
The sun put on a pretty show as we were leaving. We spent pretty much the whole drive home figuring out how to pronounce Puslinch, a township just outside Guelph (you'll never guess how to say it). The answer was finally unearthed on a transcript of a newspaper article from 1958 detailing a council meeting where council members struggled with pronunciation and were corrected by residents. A very worthwhile pursuit on our part.
Overall an enjoyable, low key Canada day.

Have a great weekend! xo

2 Jul 2015

sips // soda with lime and bitters

Guys. Let's talk about mocktails.
I am pleased to say that I am officially over Being Bitter About Not Having Alcohol While On Call and am warming up to enjoying festive non-alcoholic beverages.
Let's be real with each other: there's just something about the feeling of having a drink. It's a little bit like a smoker using an e-cigarette: it just feels nice in my hand. I'm trying not to read into it that too much...
My preferred drink as of late is the delightful combination of soda water, fresh lime and bitters. It's fantastic.

Absolutely fantastic.
Refreshing, fizzy and slightly more exciting than "one tap water please!" 
I have been enjoying this particular beverage as of late when I come home after finishing clinic or at the end of a birth and am craving something cold and refershing. 
I recommend a bitter from the citrus family, but really whatever you have on hand will do just fine. 
Just squeeze the juice of a quater of a lime into a glass, add the bitters and top with club soda. Ta-da! A not-cocktail-cocktail.

Cheers! xo

30 Jun 2015

June Wrap Up

Well hello, end of June where did you come from? I'm sad to see you go but also ready for July to be here. There's a whole new batch of babies ready to come out and maybe, just maybe the sun will actually show it's face, "Why have a summer of sun when you could have a summer of cold rain?"-Mother Nature, right now probably. I'm curled up in bed with the three legged wonder cat and we are so having an afternoon nap. Please enjoy the final hours of June as well as the most popular posts from the month...

Until next time, xo

29 Jun 2015

life lately // rainy weekends etc

Welcome to another week of life. I had a weirdly good sleep last night and feel oddly chipper this morning. I'm harbouring thoughts like "I'm going to try whining less this week" and "maybe some yoga before bedtime" Let's see how long this lasts (spoiler: until the next baby gets delivered and I sleep like the dead and eat like I've never seen junk food before). Seriously though, I had a really lovely weekend. It was cold and rainy, which is my favourite weather, even at the end of June. There was a lot of lying around in bed and staying in pyjamas and taking cat naps with the cat. I dusted off my camera and took photos. I went to the library and ambitiously borrowed five books with the intent of reading none of them. Seriously, who has time to read? Apparently me. I finished a whole book this weekend! I started a second, which I am confident I will finish before the month is over. The other three books will probably sit on my nightstand looking dejected until I return them, unloved, to the library. "Midwifery students, am I right?" they'll say to each other on their through the return slot.

I got my first haircut in three years. I think I'm entitled to some dramatic italics. Okay one more time: three years. I probably should have gone for this trim about six months ago but I was having some weird contest with myself to see how long I could hold out, harbouring fantasies of not cutting it until after graduating midwifery school (why?). But split ends be split ends. Also two words: scalp. massage. She hardly took any length off, as per my request and I spent the next three days trying to replicate the witchcraft she used to create magically soft curls. For someone who is in midwifery school I know next to nothing about witchcraft, which is disappointing.

In domestic goddess news: I am growing herbs. Successfully. More successfully that I am really prepared for, frankly. Look at this shit...

They're monsters. Look at the peppermint! I don't even know what do with that much rosemary! RIP the chives which suffered a devastating loss when the cats munched on them and subsequently never showed the will to live again. I replaced them with a Thai basil plant. Other than tossing whimsically on top of Pho does anyone know what you should put Thai basil on? Asking for a friend.

annnd there's your gratuitous cat photo for the post. Here we see the three legged wonder in some sort of gluten induced stupor. This coming on after cleverly destroying a ziplock bag containing a heel of bread and lazily hiding the evidence under a chair to be discovered later by his frantic mother.
I hope your week is off to a great start and there's less whining and more bedtime yoga for everyone!

until next time, xo