29 Jul 2015

...and now to Europe!

Guys! This semester is o-v-e-r. 
Tiffany and I drove to Hamilton this morning and we wrote our final exam. It's such a huge relief to be done! I didn't get a great night of sleep and I was very ready to have it all be over and done with, so I don't know if it was my best exam, but it's over. Afterwards we went out for lunch and pint which was followed promptly by a celebratory five hour nap. Midwifery students know how to party! 
And now? 
Now that I'm off-call for many weeks in a row and the weather is nice? Now I'm going to Europe.
I really have been meaning to write a post along the lines of "Yay! Europe!" but it just simply has not happened. Too busy eating good food and studying and basically doing not that. In any case: I'm leaving on Friday for a two week hop across the ocean.

The trip starts when I fly into Amsterdam for a crazy twelve hours with my girl Sophie. Next, I'm off to Norway to visit my boyfriend. Yeah, that's right, I have a secret not-so-secret-boyfriend. He's awesome. He's across the pond doing smart-person school things and at this precise moment is working in Norway. I never thought I would ever travel to Norway so this is really exciting for me. After Norway I'm going to see Hipster Dad in Germany.

hashtag hipster dad
I'll meet him in K├Âln and then we are going to travel to a yet to be determined German city. Not Berlin or Munich, because Hipster Dad has a rule that you're not allowed to do the same thing twice. There was also chat of going to Spain or possibly Portugal. Who knows! Hipster Dad is all about those last minute decisions. My Type A personality isn't a fan but I'm learning to love the not-knowing. Kind of.

I'm currently sitting in my room drinking a cider contemplating what to pack, and more importantly how to pack it all in a carry on suitcase. I'm travelling to two different climates, Norway is chilly and the rest of Europe is hot. I've done the whole carry-on only plan before and it worked out really well, so I remain confident I can pull it off again. If you're interested I can put together a post showing what to pack and how to pack it all so it fits. 

I've got to do some laundry and get things organized so that my cat is all taken care of while I'm gone (shout out to Tiffany and Jill for helping me out there!) I also get to undertake the very satisfying task of putting away every. single. piece. of paper that I have scattered around my room and strewn through various purses and bags (there is a lot of paper involved in being a midwifery student) so that my desk is blissfully clear. I love tidying, it's so satisfying! Well I suppose I should hop to it. Thanks for reading! See you in Europe!
Until next time, xo

all photos by me 
top to bottom Paris, Paris, HD in Berlin, Amsterdam and Berlin

25 Jul 2015

internet stuff for your reading enjoyment

Welcome to the weeked. Time for coffee in bed, ridiculously long, ambling walks to run errands, eating popcorn for dinner and sleeping in until heretofore unheard of hours. I'm off-call sooo basically I'm doing all of that. Plus perhaps also some studying, because midwifery school. Here's some stuff from my internet travels this week for your reading enjoyment like postcard displays, summer reading and a sweet, romantic thing to do. Enjoy!

fun ways to display photos and postcards

okay well this sounds seriously delicious and easy 

file under: cute and romantic things to do with your gf/bf/bff

sparkling minty, grapefruit vodka punch? ummm yes please

science and romance
At the start of the semester, the students pretty much agreed on who in their class was most desirable. But when they were asked again three months later, after spending a semester in a small class together, their judgements varied widely on who was hot and who was not.
how to never forget anything  

are you guys listening to the Hamish & Andy Show podcast? If you like Austrlian-based entertainment and grown men who do silly things, then this is for you!

big plans in the works to make these vietnemese iced coffee popsicles 

this book sounds fascinating

speaking of books...big, fat books for summer reading 

I like this

the cutest morning yoga routine

In case you missed it... Midwifery school wasn't so fun for a while, I made rhubarb lemonade and I wore this very cute outfit 

Have a great weekend! xo

23 Jul 2015

off-call time starts in 3...2...1...

All midwifery student off-call time starts in...

Yaaasssss! See you on the other side of my inevitable hangover tomorrow...Cheers!

outfit // simple summer clothes

Happy Thursday everyone!
First of all, thank you everyone who texted or phoned about Tuesday's post. I am now off-call and feeling a lot more like myself. Significantly less crying in my car. I have my final evaluation tomorrow morning and my preceptors have assured me that I am right on track, which in light of current events, is simply wonderful news. I just need to get through one final exam and then I'm on *Oprah Voice* suuummmerrr vaaacaaatiooonnn

Secondly, I'm going to kick it old school today with an outfit post. About six weeks ago I suddenly felt like I wanted to start taking outfit photos again. Tiffany has been endlessly kind with my "if you wouldn't mind...would you take my photo" requests. The house across the street from us is built with these beautiful bricks that make a very pretty background for said photos.
As for my outfit...I got this top at Old Navy a few months ago when we had that freak heat wave and I was anticipating an unbearably hot summer. That, thankfully hasn't panned out but I am glad I got this shirt. My skirt is from Value Village and goes with juuust about everything. Perfect summer outfit.

Outfit Details
top // Old Navy (similar
skirt // Thrifted, Tommy Hilfiger 
shoes // Memphisto (exactly)
bag // Winners (similar)
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