1 Sep 2015

August Wrap-Up

hipster dad takes my photo in Budapest
Hooray hooray! It's the first of September! Welcome to the socially acceptable time of year to begin relentlessly enjoying autumn. Does anyone else consider September their January? New school year! New notebooks! Fresh start! I love fall and I have written (apparently poetically) about this before. There's so much to look forward to like making caramel apples, drinking butter beer, and making the world's best apple crumble. Awww yiss. Well, in honour of welcoming a new month, here are my most popular posts from August (spoiler: they're almost all about Norway because obviously) 

Hello from Norway!

10 free or cheap things to do in Toronto this summer (or fall!)

Geiranger and the Geriangerfjord

Traveling in Norway

Trondheim, Norway   

That's all she wrote. Until next time, xo

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31 Aug 2015

Travel // Ålesund, Norway

Ahoy! Happiest of Mondays to you, my lovely blog readers. How was everyone's weekend? I went to a wedding, had dinner with my friends from high school, bought some seriously beautiful flowers at the farmer's market and drank more coffee than should be considered reasonable. I'm slowly making my way through all 5603 photos from my trip and today I get to show you Ålesund, Norway! Alright, let's get into it.

First of all: that view, am I right??
As I mentioned in my last Norway post, Stuart and I took a road trip during my visit. While the end goal of the trip was to get to Geiranger and see the Gerainger Fjord, we thought it would be nice to see a little bit more of the country along the way. We stayed in a few hours away in Ålesund (pronounced kind of like ole-eh-sund), which based on the views, I think you will agree was the right choice.

Ålesund is a small fishing town on the twisty, uneven coast of Norway. All the cities I saw in Norway were beautiful, but what makes Ålesund particularly charming is that it was destroyed in 1904 by a fire (only one person died!) The town was subsequently rebuilt in the beautiful and elaborate Art Nouveau style of architecture, making it particularly picturesque. Also it's a fishing town, so it just oozes charm by nature of it's own existence.

I found Stuart and I a reasonably (for Norway, yeesh) priced hotel to stay at, which ended up being right on the water and included, wait for it, free breakfast. Yes, free breakfast, and not just cold cereal and bad coffee either! There was much rejoicing over said free meal because Norway. The hotel also had a patio right on the ocean with a pretttyyy great view. We bought a beer because it would have been wrong not to have enjoyed a beverage on said patio.

The other thing Ålesund has is views. Like, woah. In order to get to the view one must climb a big ass hill. 

Stuart and I returned from our harrowing/exciting journey to Geiranger and spent the evening walking around town. I was perfectly prepared to wake up early the next morning and climb the big hill, but somehow Stuart managed to convince me that no, no, really tonight is the best time. So up the steps we went. All 418 of them. You guys, it was one thousand percent worth it. 

We caught the sunset, although with the midnight sun that's not really hard to do. After you reach the top, there is a deck specifically for taking in the view and then, if you look around a bit, another smaller hill a few more steps up. Stuart and I climbed there too, because why not and just sat on a bench and took it all in. I think my brain was in Beautiful View Taking In Overload. It was all so beautiful and almost felt surreal. I feel really lucky to have been able to visit so many places and see so many beautiful things. I won't be forgetting Ålesund anytime soon! 

Thanks for reading! Until next time, xo 

29 Aug 2015

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

No Bad Vibes

Ahoy! Please, for the love of Saturday, let's all stay in bed another hour and make a new pot of coffee. Savouring summer and all that. I've got some excellent fodder from my internet adventures this week. There's pancakes, little acts of kindness, getting your phone photos organized, midwifery student stuff and more. Also, I thought it might be worth mentioning that there are a few ways to keep up to date on my blog. I have a facebook page which you can like, or you can follow me on bloglovin' or you can get posts emailed to you, just put your email in the box on the right hand sidebar. Ta-da! Blog following made easy. Also also I have instagram #catpictures and twitter. Okay, shameless requesting of followers over. Let's go browse the internet!

okay so this sounds seriously easy and delicious 

a student midwife attends her first birth
I was acutely aware that I had to remain professional at all times. I quickly understood what is known to all midwives, but perhaps not all student midwives at their very first delivery – that it is not about me.  
If you're looking for some music to listen to while cleaning/cooking/writing thank you cards/saving the world might I recommend this playlist?

134 random acts of kindness read the whole list there's some good ones in there.


the current story on Free Little Libraries 

these brownies are haunting my dreams (deliciously though...)

speaking of delicious dreams, zomg these chocolate coconut pancakes look unreal

screentime is making kids cranky and moody...doesn't that apply to adults too? 

underrated books for book lovers

Party Hats for Cats!!! Three exclamation points!

file under zombie apocalypse training: how to start a fire without matches

this dessert is just fun to say out loud almond & apple tarte fine with rum caramel and it's also crazy easy to make

to avoid the dreaded "Out of Storage" message use Google Photos, here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to do it

actual non-pinterest apartment DIYs that will make your space awesome

If you're up for a long read: *gasping emoji* the Hugo Awards were basically hijacked and it is v dramatic

annnd that's all she wrote. Have a rad weekend, friends. Until next time, xo

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27 Aug 2015

life lately // end of summer

Dudes. It's almost the end of summer. Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking this is just a teeny bit wonderful. I mean, I like summer, but I love fall. 

It has been positively chilly up in these parts and I am. loving. it. Sweaters! Wool socks! Such fall! Very autumn! This also means school is starting again soon, and I'll probably eat my words BUT I am looking forward to getting going again. Bring on the babies!

I have been splitting my time between Toronto and Guelph, to maximize the last few weeks of summer and off-call time (and, let's have some real talk: to make sure my cat doesn't feel abandoned and you know, gets to eat food) The drive is just over an hour and very straightforward. I've been listening to podcasts to help pass the time. My favourites are Hamish and Andy, You Made It Weird and Mortified. Do you have any recommendations?

You probably saw this on instagram, but Pam and I went to see Mean Girls at Christie Pitts. It was excellent. We arrived an hour and a half before sunset, thinking we were being very smart and early bird gets the worm etc. The park was packed! There was certainly enough room for us to get some prime movie-watching real estate but still. People were so into it. We saw someone carrying a tray of homemade nachos! Pam brought delicious sandwiches, I brought butter tarts and chips. It was just...

Yeaaaahhhhhhh. There's something really great about watching a movie you have deep, undying love for, in the middle of a large crowd of people who also have deep and undying love that movie. Last year Tiffany and I went to a Mean Girls quote-a-long at the Bloor Hot Docs cinema and it. was. awesome. Definitely recommended.  

I have been v into making breakfast pizzas. Breakfast in under ten minutes? Pizza? Yes please. Let's ignore the fact that you can probably tell how big my mouth is because I took a photo of food that I had taken large, hungry bites out of. Well played, Syd. But seriously: breakfast pizza. Get into it.

 Annnnd Tiffany and I went to the drive-in. One of my favourite blogs, Yes and Yes, put up a post on Tuesday morning about squeezing the last drops out of summer and it included the suggestion of going to a drive-in movie. Enter google + free time and ta-da! Tiff and I drove to Oakville to see Straight Outta Compton and Trainwreck (before you tell me, yes I know, there is a drive-in theater in Guelph but it was playing movies neither of us wanted to see). Tuesday is cheap night and it was only $6 each for two movies. Totally worth it for that alone. The theatre in Oakville was awesome, it has a wonderful old-timey 50s vibe to it. They even played the little video that you can see in the background of Grease's Stranded at the Drive-In. For reals! Okay, two things, one: Trainwreck was terrible. Like, really not very good at all. We actually left early. Second: Straight Outta Compton was amazing. You should go see it. Like, now. During the first half of the movie Tiffany and I kept exchanging comments like "Wow! The guy playing Ice Cube looks so much like him!" and I finally went on IMDB (#blessit) and turns out it is Ice Cube's real life son. So, there you go, I've solved that mystery for you. You're welcome. It's totally not too late to go to a drive-in and also do lots of other great summer stuff (but it's also not to early to get secretly-not-so-secretly excited about fall...) 

What podcasts should I add to my list? What other ridiculously easy breakfast foods should I be making? Please advise! You guys rock.