10 Oct 2015

senior year // week twenty nine

It. Is. Saturday. 
Of a long weekend. 
Hallelujah! It's Thanksgiving for us Canucks and somehow, when the question of off-call time for the long weekend came up, the other students at my clinic were all "I'm not really doing anything for Thanksgiving" so now I have two days off and I'm going home to see my family, eat turkey and not be on-call. 

The thing about being on-call is that it's great, but it also makes you really bloody appreciate being off-call. I had a bit of a long start to the week. Two back-to-back all night labours (and accompanying 24+ hour days) turned me into Zombie Sydney. Waking up after your much needed sleep after being up all night makes you feel like you're very badly hungover, and there's not a whole lot to do except pump some advil and get on with it. One long day and night is manageable. Two is too much.

So I took a day. Just a day. One night of uninterrupted sleep and a whole day with my phone turned off. I drove to Waterloo to do work at the one cool coffee shop in Waterloo just because I could. I left my phone at home for a few hours and walked around doing nothing but listening to music. I contemplated having a glass of wine but decided it would probably turn in me into a human garbage can so didn't, but I still considered having one and that's the thing, isn't it?

So week twenty nine. What am I doing with my time? Midwifery stuff and frankly not a whole lot else. Midwifery has an uncanny ability to narrow your focus to only include what's going on in your midwife life. It's a serious skill to learn to do live a full life while on-call. I'm working on it but fear I'm not making much progress. The most I manage is a minuscule yoga practice, reading novels and eating a whole lotta lentils. Which is fine, but I kind of want to do more. I just finished listening to The Happiness Project audiobook and it has really made me think: what does make me happy? And what can I do to make that happen in my life? Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to ruminate on such questions. One thing I know for sure always improves my life is laughter. Real, deep, belly laughter. My preceptor and I went to a meeting in Kitchener yesterday and on our way home were just yaking and chatting about life and really laughing. If I hadn't listened to The Happiness Project I probably wouldn't have been attuned to the goodness of laughter but I am really grateful for that drive. It lifted my spirits and helped buoy me through this week. So I guess what I'm saying is things are good and that despite it's longish start this week was alright. 
I think that's all from me for now. Have a fantastic weekend!
Until next time, xo

2 Oct 2015

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Friday! What is everyone doing this weekend? I'm on Baby Watch 2015 so nothing concrete on my end, but if time permits I'm going to try to start reading this novel, try my hand at baking these cookies and working on my Halloween costume! What are you going as for Halloween? Here's some stuff from around the internet for your reading enjoyment!

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Have a great weekend! xo

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1 Oct 2015

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall

Hello lovely friends! Have I told you about all my feelings for fall? How much I love this season? Yes? Well, good news, I'm going to tell you again! Hooray! It really is the best season. I have an extremely child-like excitement about the whole season. I can't think of a single sarcastic or sardonic remark in regards to the loveliness of autumn, thus proving my affection. Today is our first legitimately chilly day. I dug out my sweaters and am rocking a pair of seriously cozy socks. I may even go looking for my *gasp* scarves. Ah! So much excitement! Also it's October now so everyone can officially put out Halloween decorations, carve pumpkins, and have a preposterously large bowl of Halloween candy in their house for grazing pleasure. Digging through some old blog posts I realized I have undertaken many projects that are perfect for ringing in the chilly days of autumn. Serious question: do I love fall because I'm a blogger or did I become a blogger because I love fall? Please advise. Here are five awesome ideas for celebrating fall that are more than pumpkin spice lattes!

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall: Make Caramel Apples

1. Make caramel apples
Can I tell you a secret? This is really, really, really easy. You only need three ingredients to make your own caramel apples. I mean, it's up to you whether or not you want to share that information with your friends or simply show up at a potluck bearing a tray of glossy, candy coated apples. Either way: caramel apples for everyone!

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall: Make Butterbeer

2. Brew homemade Butter Beer
Are you Harry Potter fan? Yes. The answer is yes. If you haven't read the books or seen the movies I'll just assume that you have been hiding under a rock and/or actively avoiding doing so out of some obviously misguided notion. Fall is the perfect time to re-read the series and while you're at it make a batch of homemade butter beer. The delicious, belly warming elixir we've all been craving since reading The Prisoner of Azkaban. Spoiler: it tastes like pie in a mug! Fall beverage game on point.

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall: Make Mulled Cider

3. Make mulled bourbon cider
First of all, this will make your house smell ah-mah-zing. Secondly, it's absolutely time to start drinking bourbon again. Consider this mulled bourbon cider a gift from you to your tastebuds. Invite your friends over for a scary movie and put a big batch on the stove and enjoy your feeling of domestic godessness. Note: cinnamon sticks are a must! Such fall, very autumn, wow!

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall: Make a Pear Pie

4. Bake Pushing Daisies' Pear and Gruyere pie 
Have you watched Pushing Daisies? I am a fan, a big fan. I consider it to be one of the more romantic television series one can watch. There's two of my favourite parts of fall: romance and pie. Ideal situation! In an attempt to cheer her aunts who believe she is dead, Chuck aka Charlotte bakes them a Pear and Guyere pie which she has secretly delivered to their house. Since seeing that episode I craved just such a delicious pie, and finally made one last fall. It was phenomenally delicious. Get your pie ingredients, put on season one of Pushing Daisies and fall in love. All of the above best served with ice cream.

5 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Fall: Make Apple Crumble

5. Make the best apple crumble ever  
This is the epitome of a back-pocket recipe. The crumble topping works on any filling: 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup rolled oats. Combine and spread generously on a fruit filled baking dish. Apples for fall with a generous serving on cinnamon. I give you full permission to claim this as your own and make your friends think you're a baking goddess (and like I said yesterday it tastes just. like. fall)

 What are you going to bake/eat/visit/do/see this fall? If you make a recipe from this post let me know in the comments I'd love to hear how it turns out!

photo via Unsplash 

30 Sep 2015

september wrap-up

Welcome to the last day of September! This means that tomorrow marks the beginning of October! I love October. October is the perfect fall month. Pumpkins! Cool days! Getting to watch Hocus Pocus! People still in good moods! Halloween! I'm the most excited about Halloween. Yesterday I decided I would be taking all hallows eve off-call. This means I'll be undertaking the seriously enjoyable task of planning a costume. I wish you a very enjoyable final day of this lovely month (and it has been a lovely month) and if you're a Halloween person like me then let's celebrate tomorrow by breaking out the scary movies, pumpkins and candy. Nobody will judge you if you watch Hocus Pocus. Now it's time for the most popular posts of the past month...

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Thanks for reading! Until next time, xo

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