25 May 2015

a three-legged cat update

Happy Monday! How was (is) everyone's weekend? I had a great weekend off-call. On Saturday I hung out with my friends from high school and we had brunch and sangria on my friend's rooftop patio and baked in the sun. My summer tan (ha!) is officially underway. I saw Simon and Matt and on Sunday we had classic family dinner at my mom's house. I am feeling refreshed and ready for another few weeks. I missed my cat while I was away! Tiffany bravely took care of both cats by herself all weekend. She's an excellent roommate.

All things in the three legged cat department are going along tickety-boo! He's so cuddly and sweet and has some hilarious vocalizations. More importantly, exciting news! Otis and Yoda are BFFs now!

coming soon to an apartment in Guelph

My four day plan went slightly according to schedule and slightly not, but now they spent their time together playing, watching things through the same window, using each other's litter boxes and in general being cute and way, way less annoying than previously. Two cats are better than one! It will be sad when Otis goes home next week.

Taking care of Yoda has been pretty uncomplicated. Based on some comments from the women who did all my paperwork when I was adopting him, I thought that he would be destructive and get into everything, but nothing of the sort yet! Either our house is effectively cat proofed (thanks, Otis) or he's more mellow than I was anticipating. So that's excellent. 
Although he does eat exactly like this...

It's hilarious, disgusting and also a little concerning. My mom mentioned that because he's had two surgeries and a sporadic sense of "home" his feeding schedule has probably been very erratic. Hopefully it was calm down in a few weeks. If not there's always The Cat Whisperer!
Overall...I'm very happy with how it's all worked out. I love having this ginger dude to cuddle with at night (and sometimes in the mornings...my heart) and to keep me company. Also sorry not sorry for flooding everyone's instagram feeds with cat pictures. It's just not going to stop anytime soon I'm afraid. Have a great Monday!

Until next time, xo

23 May 2015

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy weekend! I'm in Toronto enjoying a few days off. I'm seeing my high school friends for a boozy brunch and who knows what else. I could sleep for two days as far as I'm concerned! I hope you all have fun weekends planned. Here's some stuff from around the internet for your reading enjoyment plus Marth and The Muffins. Fun fact: Echo Beach is in Toronto. My 80s music obsession will never die...Happy weekending!

How delicious does this ginger lemon drop sound?

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Bookmarking for the one time or two times a year I feel like getting fancy: how to apply false lashes 

In case you missed it... I adopted a three legged cat & week three of senior year 

Enjoy! xo

photo by me

22 May 2015

senior year // week three

Homebirth Kit Assembly

Happy Friday! How was everyone's week? Week three in midwifery land is over and done (and only three weeks away from the midterm! Gah!) I'm going off call tonight and headed to Toronto for some rest, relaxation and socializing!

The Workload...With one of my clinic days being cancelled with the long weekend there was a lot of catching up to do with paper work and clinic. There was an endless stream of things that needed following up on and home visits and phone calls to make. So not a lot of births but a lot of other things that need doing. I'm going to toot my own horn and say that I'm on top of it!

The Skills...I'm a-okay. I am where I am supposed to be with my skills. There are lots of things I can do and do pretty well, for example, vaginal exams. There's also a bunch of things that I can't do or haven't had a chance to even attempt, so I know there's lots of learning still ahead. Basically I'm in good shape and looking forward to the learning to come.

The Attitude...Still feeling good. Midwifery is a good fit for me. Last week I was feeling down and out about where I was at, specifically feeling disheartened about being so young. I'm really happy that I'm 25 and becoming a midwife (longer career, high energy, no kids/spouse/mortgage) but sometimes I feel overwhelmingly naive and incompetent. There are uncomfortable moments where my preceptor will tell clients: "with any luck Sydney will be the one catching your baby!" and a look of uncertainty immediately crosses their faces. Which I totally understand! You go to a midwife to have the midwife deliver your baby. So I guess I just need to buck up, and as my mom says "shoulders back, tits out, own it!"

Learning from everyone

As a result of this insecurity I find that I tend to mentally categorize clients or put judgements on them, to make myself feel better (the brain is weird...) So I'm taking a new approach and focusing on learning from my clients instead of making judgements about them or deciding that things are a certain way for them. Being open and learning is exhausting, so it's not easy, but I'm trying to remain open to new perspectives. 

In General...I got some really nice feedback from my preceptor this week, which has left me feeling good. It was nice to get  commended for a heavy behind-the-scenes work week. Although, I know how quickly things can go from "you're doing great!" to "oh good heavens you need to work on that" So not to dismiss the good feedback but I'm keeping in mind how far I still have to go.  Perspective :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Until next time, xo

top photo is of a homebirth kit that I was in the middle of assembling  

19 May 2015

three legs, you have

Quick question: What has three legs, ginger fur and answers to the name of Yoda?
Answer: My new cat!

A three legged cat named Yoda?! Who could resist such a thing! I'm absolutely smitten.

According to the Humane Society he's about a year old. He was brought in 2014 with an infected leg, which they amputated. He was adopted shortly after that but got into something he shouldn't have and ate something nasty (a toy? the operative report says "foreign body") Instead of getting him an operation his adopters dropped him back off at the shelter. Talk about a cat in need of some loving!

I popped by the humane society on a whim and there he was, all adorable and ginger and three legged, looking at me with those eyes...I asked to see him and he immediately let me pick him up and hold him, followed by lying on the floor and offering up his belly for scratches. My kind of cat! I slept on it and brought Tiffany with me the next day to make sure she was okay with having a three legged cat living at our apartment. That seemed like the right roommate thing to do. She approved, I signed the paperwork, and he was ours.

He is incredibly mobile considering he only has three legs. Since he's been without his leg for about half his life he's gotten used to it. His hunting style is a little different than Otis' but he's still keen to play at every opportunity. He's very agile and jumps a lot higher than I thought he would be able to. Here's a little video of him and I playing

Yoda is a total sweet heart. He's certainly playful (and strong! Gotta watch my hands!) and I don't know if I ever met a cat quite so cuddly. This morning when I woke up he lay down beside me and put his paws and chin on my chest. I just...I'm glad I adopted him. He has a hilarious little meow that is best described as "froggy" although, now that I think of it, there's a little yoda-ness to it...

So far he's living in my bedroom and Otis still has reign of the rest of the apartment. I did my research on successful multicat household and have constructed a multi-stage, four day plan. It feels ridiculous, but I do want the cats to do get along, so four stage plan it is! So far so good. Only a moderate amount of displeasure from Otis, which I suspect largely has to do with being excluded from my bedroom and unsatisfied curiosity. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly! 

Has anyone has experience with a three legged cat before? What about adopting a cat from the humane society? I'd love to hear your experiences.
Until next time, xo